nedo nelson

Good sirs /Madames ,

All members of the party political of front populaire Ivorien (FPI) this is a serious message for your party ,we have earlier before the election of 2010 gone to presidential palace in plateau to deliver this message but we were ignored by soldiers at the gate ,they simply his excellecy Laurent Gbagbo was campaigning as such cannot attend or hear our message ,we told them that the coming election will bring great calamity ,confusion and that Gbagbo is an anioted one to rule but needs serious prayers ,they ignored .

Please i disguise here because this message carries political tunes ,i will like to contact one of your officials and disclose all what God says i should tell you FPI .Only God can release Gbagbo from detention,you all must never engage violence of any form ,be active politically ,because the power to rule will come back to FPI soon.
Do not ignore this message again as before ,your party leader president Laurent Gbagbo have been very generous to churches and men of God ,The Almighty have not forgotten him ,but all what happened and is happening is to teach your party FPI to rely on God not man ,also exchew arrogance .

I say all these as divinely instructed to say ,i will need to reachout to an official of this party may be in Ghana or Benin ,then table all what God says i should tell you all ,including messages for Ble Goude ,President Laurent Gbagbo and the FPI in General .

just write me back on that facebook page ,lets open full contact for communications .

May the Almighty Father bless you all ,Amen .....